Students’ Paintings


管韦铭 Freddy Kwan

“I already had some experience with oil painting when I started classes with Mr Wee 6 months ago, but I was in a rut and I felt frustrated artistically. Because of that, I stopped painting for many years. Since starting classes, my interest in painting has been revived and I feel inspired. Mr Wee is very encouraging and I am learning and improving every week. I love the class atmosphere and it is so interesting to see how other students interpret the same scene”.

Leow Siu Cheng

“My very first oil painting started here at Mr. Wee’s art studio, and I absolutely enjoy it!”



蔡婉儿 Vicky Chua

ein erfahrener und sehr motivierender Lehrer, die Atmosphäre: locker und lustig, und die Malgruppe: inspirierend und witzig. Ich freue mich auf jede neue Stunde!

an experienced and very encouraging teacher, the class atmosphere: cheerful and funny, and the student group: inspiring and delightful. I love these painting classes!

Ute Kohn



Memories of the alluring hues and shades of colours linger on. With brush in hand, dabbing in paints , layer by layer, canvas after canvas , grasping the essence and capturing the beauty as seen through my eyes. I find great joy in waking up these senses deep within…

Loo Swee Kuan

Painting is like a fun and adventurous journey of balancing contrast and colour.

Wen Jin

Painting this stilllife in Mr Wee’s pleasant studio gives me the happy feeling that spring is here:  big luscious mandarin orages, snowwhite pussy willows and Chinese New Year just round the corner!


I began classes in January 2013 with absolutely no knowledge of art and oils. After 4 lessons I felt I’ve lernt so much and by my 2nd painting (8 lessons) I could see how I’ve improved. Through your lessons, I’ve learnt to notice details and colours I never noticed before. Taking art lesson has really opened my world. I look forward to to my weekly 3 hours of painting – it’s peaceful and theraputic!

Evelyn Chia

Quietly I’m painting,
I’m imagining …
As my art piece takes some form
My anxieties are gradually gone
It’s just me enjoying
The exquisite pleasure of painting.

Diana Lim

When I first joined Mr. Wee’s class in March 2012, I was initially disappointed as I was not going to be painting sceneries. But I thought I’d give it a try since I was already there. To my surprise, my first painting turned out very well considering that I could not draw to save my life. Since then, I’ve always enjoyed attending his classes as this is my “ME-TIME”. It’s therapeutic, totally absorbing and I enjoy the camaraderie there.


Painting is so cathartic.  Under Mr Wee, I’ve broke through many barriers to achieve more artistic sensitivity.

Nina Koh

I love arts and music – a good inclination towards Jazz & a little of Classical music. I read selective books mostly sci-fiction & autobiographies. I enjoy painting very much as I find it a great way to relax.


I have been in Mr. Wee’s class for almost a year now.  I have enjoyed it tremendously.  He teaches you step by step how to start approaching your still life for the month.  At the same time he gives you room for your creativity, which will allow you to grow as an individual artist.  It has been a very good learning experience for me thus far.  I highly recommend it for all beginners as well as more experience painters.  You will not regret attending!

Jennie Nita

Its a great learning experience……….. its my 5th month here………..the teaching pattern is such that it encourages you to try new techniques and implement your own perspective.

Shubhi Gupta


Drawing what I exactly felt is difficult but my teacher always give me an advice easy way to express what I see and what I feel from it.

大槻 恵美

Painting what you see instead of prior knowledge makes each painting a unique experience.

The painting experience has its uniqueness enhanced with detailed study of objects at its setting and then marking it in the painting, giving it a personal feel.

Judy Ng

모든 예술이 그러하듯, 그림을 보면 그린 이의삶을 엿볼수 있다는 점이 흥미롭다. 매 수업마다 내 자신의 모든 것을 캔버스에 표현하려는 나를 느끼며 이 시간이 너무 값지고 즐겁다.

Like all kinds of art, it is interesting you can see person’s story out of their painting. In every class I found myself trying to bring all of myself out onto a canvas…


Although I have been painting and attending other classes for several years, my experience in Mr Wee’s classes, which I have taken for two months,  have been very positive and I learn something new each time which improves my technique. Mr Wee has a wealth of knowledge which he imparts to his students in a most encouraging manner.

Hazel Seow


The adrenaline pumps all around my body every time I learn new techniques and am able to use them.

Yoko Hudspeth

Singapuru jsem si splnila sen, muzu malovat. S radosti navstevuji Foundation Oil Painting Class p. Wee Shoo Leong. Malovani mi dava pocit dokonale svobody.

Miluji barvy, barvy jsou vlastne symboly a jeden obraz rekne casto vice, nez tisic slov.

Painting has been my joy and great hobby for a long time. Yet, in the past few years, I did not find the right opportunity and time for it.

Now, in Singapore, I am very happy I started to paint again. With a great pleasure and for about 2 years, I have been attending Oil paint classes given by Mr.Wee Shoo Leong who is a great teacher and gives me lot of inspiration.

I love to paint, as it gives me a sense of freedom and great relaxation. I enjoy expressing myself thru colours.

Irena Kurkova

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Every artist was first an amateur”

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

Wee Shoo Leong demonstrates this, an open-minded approach to painting where I receive information and inspiration that will assist me with my endeavor’s to transform my yellow spot into a bright and beautiful Sun.

Anthony Kuster


Mak Chui Yong

திரு வீயின் ஓவிய வகுப்புகள் என் கலைத்திறனை வளர்க்க மிகவும் துணைப்புரிந்துள்ளன. அவருடைய பண்பும் பொறுமையும் கற்பிக்கும் விதமும் என்னை ஒவ்வொறு மாதமும், கடந்த ஐந்து வருடங்களாக, அவர் வகுப்புக்கு தவறாமல் ஈர்க்கிறது. என்னால் முடிந்தவரை அவரிடமிருந்து நிறை ஓவிய நுட்பங்களைக் கற்க விரும்புகிறேன்.

I started my art lessons with Mr Wee’s foundation oil painting classes in 2010. Mr Wee’s calm nature and his teaching methods attracts me to his class every month for the past 5 years. His painting classes has influenced me so much that I feel “lost” whenever I miss them.